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Stuffing and loading of containers

The loading, fixing and stowing of goods in containers is an accurate job, where making an appropriate division based on the available room and freight is precision work. When it concerns dangerous goods, it is even a bigger challenge because special provisions apply to different danger classes in accordance with legislation and regulations. We have all knowledge and experience in house for these often time-consuming and complex projects.

Does the load have to go in an open top container, a pallet-wide container or in racks? Our specialists know the answer to this question. We have our own shippers owned containers (SCSU containers), which are available on request. We make use of first class certified materials for stowage: timber beams in accordance with ISPM, boards, airbags, strap-wire and IMO approved container seals. In our webshop we sell a large range of packaging materials and danger labels at competitive prices.

The loading, unloading and consolidation of freight occurs at our own premises in IJmuiden, but we also carry out stuffing activities on location upon request.