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Class 1 logistics

Explosive substances are used in different applications, but mostly in mining industries and by law enforcement authorities. The transport of explosive substances (Class I) presents a higher risk and is subject to complex legislation and regulations regarding transport, storage and treatment due to their nature.

We ensure we meet the highest safety requirements and we avail of approved transport equipment, storage facilities and permits to correctly deal with the logistic chain of these shipments. Furthermore, our specialists are screened and meet the accreditation requirements of Section 17 of the Explosives for Civil Use Act. Additionally, continuous monitoring and special attention is required. We ensure a smooth, safe and, above all, lawful shipment of these risky goods. Each shipment with explosive substances is an individual project, where a dedicated contact of the Logistics Support Department handles the shipmen according to a preconceived plan.

When your shipment of explosive goods is transported by SCS you can be sure that it is done according to regulations and that we offer a solution for any logistic issue.