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Getting ready for dispatch

Getting dangerous goods shipments ready for dispatch is subject to strict legislation and regulations. Our specialists are trained for this purpose, and they are experienced professionals who consider quality and safety of paramount importance. You can be sure that your dangerous goods shipment is in safe hands with us.

Packing, recasting, repacking, labelling and documenting. In short, getting dangerous goods ready for dispatch is a daily routine for our specialists. But despite this we still do this work with the utmost care and profession every day again. Getting the goods ready for dispatch is done at our locations at Schiphol and Rotterdam, or – upon request – at your own premises. After this we can also deliver the shipment to the agent or the airline company for dispatch. Our activities apply to all dangerous goods – Class 1 to 9 – and to all modalities: air, sea or road transport.

Holder of E-accreditation

Does your company wish to transport dangerous goods by air but do you not have the right accreditation/permit? Because of our E-Status we can take on the legal liability for the (air) transport and pre-packing of dangerous goods. As a result, we not only make life easier for our customers, but also take on the liability of the sender. It goes without saying that you are assured of a high-quality and safe shipment.