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In our storage facility we offer, next to regular storage, a full service warehousing package for dangerous substances. Storage is provided for all types of goods with the emphasis on dangerous goods and oversized materials or materials with special treatment.

We offer the following services in our warehouse:

  • Stock control, management and monitoring of your stock levels;
  • Storage, for all classes including Classes 1 and 7;
  • Pick and pack, picking shipments and having them packed accordingly or additionally packed if required;
  • Handling customs formalities.

The SCS warehouses are incorporated in the customs authorisation, which enables us to store both custom-bonded and free goods. The SCS facilities run on the WMS of SAP. By barcoding your goods and by means of web interface, we have your up-to-date stock status available 24×7.

Our storage facilities are equipped with fork-lift trucks and the loading and unloading of goods is carried out exclusively by qualified SCS warehouse employees. Our premises and storage facilities are optimally secured: CVV has issued the BORG 3 certificate to SCS, which stands for optimal security.