Special Cargo welcomes more and more English speaking customers

22 augustus, 2023
2,5 minuten leestijd
English Opleidingen

More and more companies from abroad show interest in Special Cargo’s activities and training program. For example, when they establish a warehouse in the Netherlands. After all, these companies then also must deal with Dutch legislation. That is why we recently translated some more of our e-learnings and courses into English. Of course, with the same quality as you are used to from us.

English courses

A lot of our courses are, next to Dutch, already available in English. For example, 7.1A – Classification and preparation of dangerous goods for transport by air and 7.1B – Preparation of dangerous goods for transport by air. At the request of our customers, we added a few new e-learnings and courses to the list of English variants.

Security Manager Aircargo

For example, our course: Security Manager Aircargo. This training is for people who are responsible for maintaining the approval on behalf of the known consignor or the regulated agent. Recently, we have received many requests from our international customers for an English version of this training. Therefore we now released the English course Security Manager Aircargo, and it has been received so well. That is why we have decided to create more English courses.

Working safely with dry ice

Dry ice is used in the logistics sector to keep perishables and medical products chilled en route. Special Cargo is the dry ice specialist in the Netherlands. Why? Not only do we use dry ice for packing your shipments, but we also supply dry ice directly to our customers and offer knowledge and information about this very functional, but also dangerous, cooling material.

The new online training ‘Working safely with dry ice’ teaches you important key topics like the application of dry ice, the hazards, personal protection equipment, safe transport, storage and the applicable regulations. From the Dutch Arbowet, employers are required to teach their employees about the dangers of dry ice and how to safely work with it. This training provides that.

PGS 37-2 Awareness of Lithium Energy Storage

The third course we recently translated into English is the online awareness training for PGS 37-2. This course is intended for all people working at a company site where lithium batteries are stored. In addition, the course is a great entry point for people who want to gain basic knowledge about the PGS 37-2, or as preparation for the training PGS 37-2 Opslag Lithium Energiedragers. In particular, the course can be used to support the ‘instruction to personnel’ (measure 46) and ‘training of drivers of means of transport’ required by the PGS 37-2.

How to order

You can order the English version of these trainings by choosing the “Engelse versie” in the registration form. If you have any questions, please contact us at training@specialcargo.nl.

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