Dangerous Goods training courses

Do you wish to have a group of employees trained to gain a better understanding of Dangerous Goods in the workplace? Or do you want to upgrade the level of knowledge regarding dangerous goods you use in the offshore industry, such as explosives, radioactive materials or oil and gas samples?

For over 15 years, SCS has been providing training courses in the field of dangerous goods transport worldwide. We have recently expanded our e-learning programme with several dangerous goods awareness courses.

SCS offers tailor-made dangerous goods training courses, based on your specific business learning needs. Your employees will be able to immerse themselves in the complex world of transporting dangerous goods by air, sea of road with the help of our experienced team of teachers. Here are a few of our classroom-based training courses which we organise worldwide, either in-company and on location:

  • Dangerous Goods by Air in accordance with the ICAO Technical Instructions / IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations. This is a 4-day initial training and a 3-day recurrent training.
    Air transport of radioactive materials is handled in a separated course.
  • Dangerous Goods by Sea in accordance with the requirements of the International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) code. This is a 3-day initial training and a 2-day recurrent training.
  • Dangerous Goods by Road in compliance with the European Agreement for the transport of dangerous goods by road (ADR). This is a 3-day initial training and a 2-day recurrent training.
  • Multimodal transport of Class 7, radioactive materials. This is a 2-day training
  • Transport of Lithium batteries by air, road and sea. This is 1-day in-depth training.


In addition to the above, SCS Training & Consultancy also offers online e-learning awareness courses in English. We work continuously to update our e-learning courses. For our up-to-date e-learning program, please contact our staff. Send us an e-mail: training@specialcargo.nl or call us: +31 (0)85 792 0585 and we will be happy to help you.

An overview of our available e-learning courses:

  • Dangerous Goods by Air – Offshore Helicopter Operations
  • Dangerous Goods by Air – Awareness
  • Dangerous Goods by Air – Lithium batteries
  • Transport of Dangerous Goods on Offshore Support Vessels
  • Dangerous goods by Sea – Awareness
  • Dangerous goods by Road – Awareness