Interview IATA CBTA in Dutch ánd English

23 mei 2023

A few weeks ago, we published an interview with Hans van der Maat, authority in the field of Competency-Based Training & Assessment (IATA CBTA). CBTA is a new training methodolody, that will enter into force on 1 July in the Netherlands. The article was highly appreciated by our clients. Also our English speaking clients expressed their interest, so what did we do? We translated the article into English, and now you can find both versions in our publications.

What is CBTA?

Competency-based Training & Assessment is a new methodology for training and assessment in the transportation of dangerous goods by air. Basically, the training courses focus on competences associated with specific jobs. That means that employees receive training for their tasks and responsibilities, and less on subjects they will never be using in practice. CBTA came into force worldwide on 1 January 2023; in the Netherlands on 1 July next.


CBTA is regulated by the international aviation organizations ICAO and IATA. IATA is also involved in the training and certification of personnel involved in the transportation of dangerous goods by air. Last year, IATA acknowledged Special Cargo as the first CBTA-accredited training organization in the Netherlands. Special Cargo is now working hard to integrate this training method into its  available courses.

CBTA-training at Special Cargo

How does CBTA-training at Special Cargo work to your advantage?

  • Training is focused on tasks and responsibilities that match the employee’s job position. Unnecessary ‘ballast’ is avoided.
  • Employee is better equipped to perform his duties.
  • The training time in the classroom is considerably reduced: sometimes from 4 to 2 days!
  • Even shorter training time through basic course as an e-learning.

By clicking on the buttons below, you can find both the Dutch and the English version of the interview.

About Hans van der Maat

Hans van der Maat is co-founder of SCS Training en Consultancy (brand name: Special Cargo College) in 2003, and authority in the field of Competency-Based Training & Assessment (CBTA).