SCS Training & Consultancy first IATA CBTA accredited training provider in the Netherlands

16 May 2022

Air transport Dangerous Goods Competence-Based Training & Assessment

SCS Training & Consultancy (Special Cargo College) is the first training provider in the Netherlands to be IATA CBTA (Competency Based Training & Assessment) accredited. An accreditation to be proud of, says Erik den Dikken, director at SCS. As an IATA CBTA accredited training institute, it is now possible to take courses on the air transport of dangerous goods at SCS in a competence-based way. No more superfluous lessons but rather education aimed at increasing the competences of the students focused on their function.

In aviation, competency-based training is already mandatory in many cases. As of January 1, 2023, personnel involved in the air transport of dangerous goods must also be competency-based trained according to new ICAO and IATA standards. This applies to consignors, warehouse personnel, freight forwarders, ground handlers, flight crews, cabin and passage handling personnel, and security personnel – in short, everyone involved in the transport of dangerous goods by air.

Customer-focused training
Providing competency-based training at a high level is not a new concept for Special Cargo College. The training provider has been providing customer-focused training for several years, based on the client’s requirements and the types of dangerous goods present in the company, linked to the employees’ job function. As the first training provider in the Netherlands with IATA CBTA accreditation, Special Cargo College can now offer this format in its classroom and online courses for air transport of dangerous goods.

The main benefit of competency-based training is an increase in safety in the air transport of dangerous goods, says Patrick Schoenmaker, operations manager at SCS. After all, with CBTA training, personnel are trained for the tasks they must perform in practice. In addition, the elimination of superfluous material means that in many cases the training can be shortened. There will also be more lessons in a blended form; students start with an e-learning and depending on the function, a classroom training is linked to this, either on location, or at our training locations.

The organization started the process for the CBTA program last year. Not only was the course material completely rewritten in recent months, but SCS Training & Consultancy was also subjected to a 2-day audit. During this audit, IATA looked at the design and the delivery of the courses, as well at the assessment of the competence of the students. In addition, the organization and work processes were put under a magnifying glass. The audit showed that Special Cargo College is a renowned training organization with years of experience. The content of the training courses is of a very high level and, in terms of content, meets the requirements of IATA’s CBTA program, according to the report.

IATA accredited courses
Effective January 1, 2023, all training institutes are required to provide competency-based training. SCS Training & Consultancy will offer the following IATA accredited courses:

  • IATA H.6.1 – Preparing dangerous goods consignments
  • IATA H.6.2 – Processing or accepting goods presented as general cargo
  • IATA H.6.3 – Processing or accepting dangerous goods consignments
  • IATA H.6.4 – Handling cargo in a warehouse, loading and unloading unit load devices and loading and unloading aircraft cargo compartments
  • IATA H.6.7 – Flight crew
  • IATA H.6.9 – Cabin crew
  • IATA H.6.10 – Screening of passengers and crew and their baggage, cargo and mail

Special Cargo College
SCS Training & Consultancy is a CAA and IATA Accredited Training School and has been providing training courses in the field of dangerous goods transport worldwide for over 15 years.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Patrick Schoenmaker, Operations Manager, please call +31 (0)85 792 0585 of email