Getting ready for dispatch

Packing, recasting, repacking, labelling and documenting. In short, getting dangerous goods ready for dispatch – classes 1 to 9 – is a daily routine for our specialists. Despite this, we do this work with the utmost care and expertise every day.

Getting the goods ready for dispatch is done at our locations at Schiphol, IJmuiden or Rotterdam, or at your own premises. After this we can also deliver a shipment to the agent or the airline company for dispatch.

Pre-check of dangerous Goods

Do you put together shipments yourself or do you have this done by an external party? Then have a pre-check performed by our experts before you submit the shipment to the airline company.

If a shipment does not meet the conditions – for example because of damage, leakage or missing documents – we will immediately correct this fault. The shipment can still be loaded onto the plane and you will save time and money.


Getting dangerous goods shipments ready for dispatch is bound by strict legislation and regulations. As a dangerous goods specialist we consider quality of paramount importance.

Special Cargo Services has been ISO 9001 certified from the start. In addition, our company has an AEO status. This means that we guarantee and monitor our safety procedures. Our AEO status is tested by customs every year.


Does your company wish to transport dangerous goods as air freight, but you do not have the right accreditation/permit? With our accreditation, we are authorised to take on the statutory and legal consignor’s liability of third parties for the transport of dangerous goods by air. The customer no longer has to worry, and we take on the shipper’s liability.

Is your Dangerous Goods shipment stuck on Schiphol Amsterdam Airport and because of a damage to the package it will not be on forwarded to it’s final destination? Our e-accreditation also allows us to (re)pack your shipment and move your Shipper’s legal liability to ours.