Storage of dangerous goods

SCS offers different possibilities for the storage and warehousing of dangerous goods. Depending on the danger class, the quantity of dangerous goods or the dimensions of the equipment, you can use our own storage bunkers and terminals in Spijkenisse, Schiphol and IJmuiden.

Our permits allow us to store goods in the danger classes 1 to 9. They are also applicable for danger class 1 and class 7, radioactive and explosive materials. Our storage facilities meet the strictest legislation and regulations, including the NEN standards applicable to the storage of dangerous goods.

The SCS warehouses are incorporated in the customs authorisation, which enables us to store both custom-bonded and free goods. The stock status can be checked with the barcoding of your goods and a web interface which is accessible from anywhere.

Contact us for more information on the transport and storage of dangerous goods. We are happy to explain the many options which are available to you.