Incompany and tailor made: customized learning and development

All Special Cargo College courses can also be delivered in-company. Choose a course from our course offerings and get our tutors in. Prefer a fully customized course? Then our instructors get to work with targeted questions and learning objectives focusing on the needs of the organization.

Your organization central

Does your company deal with different modes of transportation? Is the number of types of dangerous goods limited or very extensive? Is your business in a niche market? For in-company training or customized courses, we come to your location and tailor the course to your organization. That way you almost literally bring security and expertise into your home.

Incompany: quality on site

No travel time for employees, and just training in your own company? We call that in-company training. Special Cargo College’s subject teachers provide all regular training, classes, courses and education with the same ease at a location of your choosing, with only your employees, at a time of your choosing.

Customized learning and development

No standard questions and assignments, but getting started with targeted learning objectives from your organization’s daily practice? That’s customization. This way, employees get answers to questions from their practice and the training is completely tailored to the needs of your organization. No redundant information, but fully customized. Training sessions are held at a time and location of your choice.
No redundant information, but fully customized

Our course offerings

As a knowledge leader in dangerous goods transportation and storage, aviation security and safety awareness, we train over 30,000 students on an annual basis. We do this for all modes, at home and abroad – classroom, online or on-site. With Special Cargo as your partner, you make the logistics world safer.

Customized training offerings

Unsure about the type of training that suits your organization? Get in touch and we’ll go over the options together.

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