Special transports

Our clients sometimes submit very special requests to us. We then explore options for getting the transport done, within all existing laws and regulations, of course. Each special transportation of dangerous goods is unique, with specific requirements and challenges. We are going for it!

A customized solution for your specific need

No challenge is too big for us. What about transporting special lithium batteries to Australia? The goal: participation in the World Solar Challenge, the biennial competition for solar-powered racing cars. This is logistically quite a challenge. Together with the client, we managed to create a plan of action for this. Or transporting an explosive to the northernmost tip of Norway to support resource research.

Conditioned transport

Certain goods must be transported under controlled conditions, such as maintaining certain temperatures. For this purpose we have a conditioned vehicle in our fleet, with a built-in cooling system. This allows us to keep perishable and temperature-sensitive goods in optimal condition during transport. Naturally, we monitor the temperature throughout the transport route.

Together with the client, we created a plan of action for transporting lithium batteries to Australia

Transportation of radioactive materials

Our largest customers for storing and transporting radioactive sources are in the offshore and medical sectors. Special Cargo Services holds a continuing license for the transportation of radioactive materials in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg. However, we also transport them to the other countries within Europe.

Express transport

Then there are the transports that must arrive at their destination as quickly as possible. In consultation with our customer, we can run a vehicle just for its goods. The driver does not stop to unload or load other goods, which is necessary for medical isotopes, for example. These must then be used within 24 hours because they slowly lose their radiation. We can move quickly and get started right away.

Specific needs?

You probably have specific logistics needs from time to time, too. We understand this and will look for a customized solution. Want to explore the possibilities? Let us know what your logistics challenges are.

Do you have any questions?

Contact our Account Managers for more information about our services and activities.

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