Get to work safely and competently with a dangerous goods course from Special Cargo

Is your company involved in dangerous goods logistics? Then you know better than anyone else: this work involves risks for people, animals and the environment. Therefore, your employees involved in this must meet certain training requirements. Special Cargo recognizes the importance of this: working with dangerous goods must be done safely, always and everywhere. That is why we have developed a comprehensive training offering, from e-learning Awareness to the two-year Dangerous Goods Professional course.

Expert training

It of utmost importance that employees involved in storage, packaging and transportation of dangerous goods are aware of their hazards and risks. But most importantly, to be able to apply the safety measures to minimize those risks. That’s what we do it for, as Special Cargo College: to expertly and proactively train your employees in this. We provide training – classroom, online and in-company – for all kinds of positions in dangerous goods logistics, and for all modes (air, road, rail, maritime and inland waterway).

Required courses

Most of these trainings are required from the government in order to do certain work. For example, a driver transporting dangerous goods must have an ADR certificate in his or her pocket. For that, Special Cargo offers different types of courses, depending on exactly what substances you are transporting. And employees engaged in air transport of dangerous goods must be trained in accordance with IATA regulations.

But the course in Professional Competence in dangerous goods Handling can also fulfill an obligation. In companies where more than 2,500 kg of dangerous goods are or may be stored, a competent employee must be present to supervise this. Many companies do not know this (yet), but this is a requirement of PGS 15.

And finally, the Safety Advisor: this is another officer who must be appointed at all companies that pack, load, fill, unload or transport dangerous goods. You can hire a safety consultant from Special Cargo, by the way.

In companies where more than 2,500 kg of dangerous goods are or may be stored, a competent employee must be present to supervise this. The VBGS course can provide this.


In addition to mandatory courses, there are also training courses that employees take to fulfill a particular role or function in the organization. For example, Dangerous Goods Professional, a unique, very broad safety training course. If you have taken that course, you can play a pivotal role in the organization: between shop floor and management, but also between organization and government and competent authority. Another example is the e-learning “Working safely with dry ice. With this training you, as an employer, are fulfilling good employment practices and complying with health and safety obligations to minimize risks (in this case from dry ice).

Why Special Cargo?

Whatever course you take, training at Special Cargo College goes that extra mile. Our teachers and trainers all have their own expertise, from both theory and practice. Not for nothing do we get a wonderful review rating on Klantenvertellen. The lecturers will show you what the relevant laws and regulations mean for your work, how to apply them. And why. They do this in the form of a variety of games, assignments and cases. So nothing sitting back, but doing! Are you ready?

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