Many companies deal with dangerous goods and/or air cargo in one way or another. To work with these, you must meet complex regulations and rigorous training requirements. For that, you’ve come to the right place at Special Cargo College: we provide all the training you need for this. But not only that. Our consultants are also happy to come to you for advice, audits or other support.

Safety Advisor

Every company that transports dangerous goods or performs operations related to them must appoint a Safety Advisor. This can also be an externally hired consultant, for example, because you only need a security consultant occasionally. For that, you can turn to Special Cargo. So together we ensure that your company meets its legal environmental and safety obligations.

Aviation Safety

As with dangerous goods, aviation safety is also subject to strict regulations. Special Cargo College consultants guide companies to Known Sender or Approved Agent status, essential for companies looking to send air cargo. And once you have this status, our consultants can assist you. They are aware of updates in laws and regulations and can provide training as needed.

Our consultants guide companies to Known Sender or Approved Agent status

Knowledge partner for government

Special Cargo is also often asked to the table by the government, for example on the question: how are certain (new) regulations now being interpreted by the business community? Similarly, we were knowledge partner with the government for many years around the development of IATA’s Competency Based Training & Assessment. Our clients also reap the benefits of this: we also represent their interests in many government working groups in the Netherlands and Brussels.

Special Cargo Services

In addition to College, Special Cargo’s Services branch provides transportation and storage of dangerous goods. In doing so, our customers sometimes ask our advice or to find out something, for example, about certain packaging materials or special transport. Sometimes that even leads to a new service or product. That’s also how dry ice was once created, and the crushing of products.

Need advice?

Within Special Cargo, there is always a specialist who can provide you with thorough, crystal clear and worked out advice. We are happy to act as your practical enquirer. So if you have a question, please get in touch!

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