UN-approved packaging

Did you know that most packaging in which dangerous goods are transported must be UN-approved? The reason can be summed up in one word: safety! These UN packages have been extensively tested, helping to minimize the risks of transportation. Want to know which packaging is right for your shipment? Special Cargo Services advises you, provides the packaging and can also take the packaging work off your hands. Expertese and safety.

No worries about packing your goods

UN-approved packaging meets United Nations regulations for the safe transport of dangerous goods. Specific technical requirements regarding strength, durability and leak-tightness apply. Packaging is also tested for this by an approved body. All to ensure that the hazardous substances they contain are safely packaged, as there should be no danger to people working with them or to the environment during transport.

UN mark

How can UN-approved packaging be recognized? You can tell by the UN specification mark shown on the package. This attribute contains a code that indicates the type of packaging for which it has been tested. Is the hazardous substance known? Then Special Cargo’s specialists know which packaging to select for the safe transportation of these substances.

UN-approved packaging is tested by an accredited body to ensure that the hazardous substances in it are safe

Packaging in all shapes and sizes

We have the right packaging available for all your hazardous loads. Whether it’s cardboard boxes, wooden crates, drums, jerry cans or ibc’s. UN-approved or not: all packaging is tested to carry dangerous goods, such as lithium batteries, perfume and paint.

Shipping preparation

Our people at Schiphol, IJmuiden and Europoort are busy packing dangerous goods every day. This work is often part of a comprehensive process of preparing dangerous goods for shipment: checking, labeling, documenting and packaging the shipment. All hazard classes (1 through 9) pass in the process. Then the cargo can be safely transported (further) to the airport, port or towards the hinterland of Europe.

Pick-up and delivery

For our customers at Schiphol Airport and Europoort, we have a pick-up and delivery service. An extra piece of service where we come to your company to pick up the shipment, prepare it for shipment, and then return it. Additionally, it is also possible to have us perform a pre-check of the shipment of dangerous goods before the shipment is presented to the airline or other party. This can prevent a possible delay.

Looking for your one-stop shop?

Are you looking for one supplier for all your dangerous goods logistics services? We will be happy to tell you how your hazardous cargo is in safe hands with Special Cargo Services.

Do you have any questions?

Contact our Account Managers for more information about our services and activities.

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