Dry ice and re-icing

Dry ice is a widely used tool in the logistics industry to keep perishable goods and medical products cool in transit. Special Cargo is the dry ice specialist in the Netherlands. Why? Not only do we use dry ice for packing your shipments, we also deliver dry ice directly to our customers as well as offer knowledge and information about this very functional but also dangerous cooling material.

For guaranteed cool transport

Medicines, perishable foods and flowers: there are legions of products that need to be kept refrigerated to prevent them from spoiling. Thus, this also applies during transportation. For that, dry ice is a proven refrigerant. At Special Cargo Services Schiphol and Europoort, this is used daily to keep goods at temperature during storage and transport. For example, in corona time, we sold a record amount of dry ice for the global transportation of corona vaccines. And if you want, our Dangerous Goods experts will come to your location for this.

Easy online dry ice ordering

You can also order dry ice from Special Cargo Services, using the online order form. We supply this in different formats: granules, blocks or slabs. So you can make sure that your goods are transported refrigerated. Or maybe you apply dry ice in a different way: for making cocktails (in the hospitality industry), cleaning machinery (in industry), or creating smoke curtains (in theater). Once you place your order, our experts get to work immediately to make sure your dry ice is delivered or ready for pickup at the appointed time. Of course, in the desired quantity and with appropriate packaging and labeling.


A special service we provide is the “re-icing” of packaging. This is the replenishment of dry ice at the time when too much dry ice has evaporated during transport. For example, if it is very hot outside or the trip took longer than planned. Then the temperature inside the packaging rises and the refrigerated goods risk losing their shelf life. This must be prevented! One phone call and our experts are already on their way to you with a load of dry ice. We open the package and refill it completely with fresh dry ice. Thus, the goods are re-cooled and their properties are retained.
One phone call and our experts are already on their way to you with a load of dry ice.


But how do you know the temperature inside the package is rising? Through the data logger. This is a device that records temperature, humidity and other conditions over an extended period of time. We supply this device and it can be read at your office via computer. We also have clients who have their perishables re-iced by default the moment the shipment arrives in the Netherlands. To be on the safe side!

The risks of dry ice

Caution is required when working with dry ice, however, as there are also risks involved. Dry ice is basically frozen CO2. Exposure to it has several dangers: suffocation, freezing and pressure buildup (possibly resulting in explosion). Therefore, there are special rules for their transportation and storage.

Occupational Health and Safety Act

Under the Occupational Health and Safety Act, employers are required to protect their staff from this by making employees aware of the dangers. Article 5 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act states that work that may pose a risk to employees must be included in the Risk Inventory and Evaluation. And that an employer must take steps to minimize existing risks.

E-learning dry ice

For that purpose, our training branch Special Cargo College has developed the e-learning “Working safely with dry ice. It is intended for all employees who come into contact with dry ice. Complicated? Not at all. In 1-2 hours you will learn how to work safely with this hazardous substance. And as an employer, this is how you fulfill good employment practices.

The benefits of dry ice at Special Cargo

  • It is sustainable: one hundred percent clean
  • Sublimation is less than ten percent, providing cost savings
  • Great for cooling: it is three times colder than (regular) water ice
  • It is a natural product and not harmful to the environment
  • It leaves no moisture or other residue
  • It is non-flammable and non-toxic
  • It is free of bacteria

Do you have any questions?

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