E-recognition holder

If your company wants to ship dangerous goods by air, you need government approval to do so. Don’t have one: don’t worry, Special Cargo can take the worry off your hands. We have E-recognition, which allows us to assume full legal liability from you as the sender. Expertly, proactive and always safety-conscious.

We take care of your air transportation of dangerous goods

The E-recognition is awarded by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management and is intended for organizations specializing in the transportation of dangerous goods by air. Like Special Cargo Services. E-approval gives the authority to act on behalf of another party as a sender and packer of dangerous goods.

Duty of care and control

As an E-recognition holder, we have a duty of care and control. This means that we ensure that the air cargo shipment complies with ICAO/IATA technical regulations and that the transport documentation is consistent with the shipment. Furthermore, we ensure that the cargo is correctly packed and labeled. And, of course, we check the shipment for discrepancies and any damage.

Also if something goes wrong…

Occasionally, our Dangerous Goods experts flag a shipment that is not (or no longer) in compliance with regulations. For example, the packaging is damaged. If so, we will repair it or, where necessary, repackage the cargo into new, UN-approved packaging. This will get him back ready for (subsequent) transport.
If the packaging is damaged, we will repair it or put the cargo in new, UN-approved packaging

Other recognitions

In addition to E-approval, the Dutch government has several other approvals for air transport of dangerous goods. These are related to the role of organizations in the logistics process:

  1. for senders
  2. for forwarding air cargo agents
  3. for ground handlers
  4. for logistics service providers
  5. For organizations specializing in the transportation of dangerous goods by air

Do you want or need to apply for such recognition? Our training arm Special Cargo College can provide support in this regard.

Training IATA CBTA

This accreditation system also plays an important role in dangerous goods air transport training. Indeed, on July 1, 2023, a new training methodology was introduced in the Netherlands: the Competency-Based Learning & Assessment (CBTA) of aviation organization IATA. Does your company have A, B, C, D or E recognition? Then your employees should also be trained using the CBTA method. You can do the same at Special Cargo College!
If you want to learn more about this training methodology first, you can get the free white paper “IATA CBTA training in air transport dangerous goods: what, why and how?” (using the form at the bottom of the article).

Getting acquainted?

In addition to E-recognition, Special Cargo Services holds the following certificates: AEO-S, ISO 9001:2015 and VIHB. Want to get acquainted with Special Cargo as an E-recognition holder and/or training institute? Please get in touch!

Do you have any questions?

Contact our Account Managers for more information about our services and activities.

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