Storage of dangerous goods is subject to strict laws and regulations. Our storage bunkers and terminals at Schiphol, Europoort and IJmuiden comply with the strictest regulations. Our permits allow us to store goods in all ADR hazard classes. This can be temporary, starting from one day, or longer, even unlimited. So do you need storage space for flammable, radioactive or explosive materials? Special Cargo provides a quick and appropriate solution.

Your dangerous goods stored flexibly and safely

In the Netherlands, PGS 15 is the guideline for storage of packaged dangerous goods. This PGS guideline distinguishes between volumes up to 10,000 kg and from 10,000 kg. What storage facilities are necessary and what guidelines should be followed? Our dangerous goods specialists know the drill!

All hazard classes

Special Cargo Services has warehouses at Schiphol Airport, at the Port of Rotterdam and in IJmuiden. A total storage capacity of 10,000 m2. We have permits for the storage of all hazard classes (1 through 9) and the CMR substances. So we can also safely house explosive and radioactive materials.

Storage lithium batteries

Lithium batteries are an odd one among dangerous goods. Storage of these batteries is also subject to special laws and regulations, and this will become even stricter in 2024. That’s because that’s when the Environment Act goes into effect, which will likely include a reference to PGS 37, the directive for the storage of lithium-containing energy carriers.


Would you like to store lithium batteries worry-free or do you have specific storage requirements? Please feel free to contact us as well. For example, we can read certain lithium batteries daily to check the temperature or scan the stock with an infrared camera. That way, we can check the status of the batteries at any time. Extra safe.

We can check the status of lithium batteries at any time

Temporary storage

There may be times when your shipments are stalled or returned and you need temporary storage. If so, please contact us immediately. Our dangerous goods specialists can move quickly: within 24 hours of notification, we can take your shipment and scale it up to 2,500 sq. ft. if necessary. With our E-approval, we can provide documentation and labeling in addition to storage. In our warehouses we also have facilities for the safe transfer of liquid substances from bulk to retail packaging.

Well-trained employees

Perhaps your company has its own dangerous goods storage facility. That means your employees must be well trained to work here. This is also possible at Special Cargo: we provide courses such as PGS 15 (storage of packaged dangerous goods) and PGS 37.
And did you know that in every company where more than 2,500 kg of dangerous goods are (or may be) stored, there must be at least one expert who supervises this? That expert must at least have the certificate in Competence for Handling Hazardous Substances (VBGS). Of course, you can turn to Special Cargo College for this as well. Classroom, in-company or as customized: the choice is yours as to how each training is followed.

Want to know more?

Want to learn more about our range of storage options? Our colleagues provide a quick and appropriate solution to your logistics challenge. Please feel free to contact us.

Do you have any questions?

Contact our Account Managers for more information about our services and activities.

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