Are you looking for a reliable partner to transport your dangerous cargo across Europe? Good, because that’s Special Cargo Services’ specialty! We have the permits and vehicles to transport all hazard classes by road. For example, our ADR drivers drive all over Europe, from Italy to the northernmost tip of Norway. No request is too crazy for us, so let us know what your question is.

Your special wish, our beautiful challenge

Special Cargo Services specializes in the safe and efficient transportation of dangerous goods by road. Thanks to our team of Dangerous Goods experts and ADR drivers, we meet all ADR requirements and the strictest safety standards. With our own fleet of transport equipment and in-house storage facilities, we offer customized solutions to your complex international logistics questions. And have been for more than 25 years!

Safety first!

As a family business, commitment is in our blood. Therefore, we take the safety of your goods and our employee extremely seriously. Where can you tell? To our expert ADR drivers, all of whom are trained precisely for the type of cargo they carry. To our driven Dangerous Goods experts, who work as a close-knit team to ensure that all shipments are prepared and loaded in accordance with all ADR regulations. And to our reliability: we do what we promise!

We take the safety of your goods and our employees extremely seriously

Explosive substances

Special Cargo Services is an industry leader in the safe storage and transportation of ADR Hazard Class 1, civil explosives. Spread across the Netherlands, we have three bunkers, where explosives may be stored. Of course, the highest safety standards are observed at these locations. The same applies to transportation: all drivers are screened based on the Article 17 approval under the Explosives for Civilian Use Act, and all transportation equipment is officially approved. A safe thought.

Radioactive substances

Radioactive substances deserve special attention. You cannot see them, feel them or smell them, yet they pose a great danger. This also makes the storage and transportation of these dangerous goods subject to strict regulations and permits. Special Cargo Services also specializes in this. We have a continuous license to transport radioactive materials in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg, but we also transport to the other countries within Europe.

Permits and exemptions

We are in direct contact with various European authorities to apply for permits and exemptions required for the distribution of dangerous goods. In the process, our planning software ensures the most efficient route planning possible. And thanks to the knowledge and experience of our team – which includes radiation experts and explosives experts – we ensure the smooth flow of your shipments. After all, efficiency and timeliness are essential to your logistics process – we understand that.

Shipping preparation

An added bonus of Special Cargo: we not only perform the transportation, we can also take care of preparing the cargo for shipping. That is, it comes with proper packaging, labels and documentation. When changing modes – for example, from air transport (IATA) to road transport(ADR) – all of this sometimes needs to be adjusted. Not an easy task, but daily work for our dangerous goods specialists.

ADR courses

Our drivers are and continue to be ADR certified from our Special Cargo College training branch. When their certificates are about to expire, they receive a call from our training portal to take the renewal course. Depending on the cargo they carry, they take ADR training with or without extension for general cargo, Class 1 and/or Class 7. It may also be of interest to your employees; please take a look at our course offerings.

Your reliable partner

Will you also choose a reliable partner who specializes in solving your logistics issues related to dangerous goods? We will be happy to tell you what we can do for you.

Do you have any questions?

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