Our recognitions and accreditations: quality as a basis of trust

Reliability is the basis for the good relationship with our customers. Therefore, as a training institute, we invest in the quality of our training courses, and in the expertise of our instructors. Among other things, by securing accreditations from relevant (government) organizations. With Special Cargo College, you choose a training partner that meets the strictest requirements and highest legal standards.

Acknowledgment Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management

For the various categories of training, several organizations have recognized us as a training institute. ‘Us’ then is SCS Training & Consultancy BV, branded as Special Cargo College. First: the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management (under which the Environmental and Transport (Inspectie Leefomgeving en Transport) Inspectorate falls) has recognized us as a training and examination institute for (IATA) training in the transport of dangerous goods by air.

Recognition Justice and Security

We also provide training on aviation security, such as Air Cargo Officer and Air Cargo Supervisor. For this, we are recognized by the Ministry of Justice and Security as a training institute. From this ministry, the National Coordinator for Terrorism and Security (Nationaal Coördinator Terrorisme en Veiligheid, NCTV) is the legislative party. With the approval of the NCTV, in agreement with the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee (KMAR), we provide security training for aviation security.

As a training institute, we invest in quality. Among other things, by ensuring accreditations from relevant (government) organizations

Accreditation IATA CBTA

In 2023, IATA introduced the mandatory training method Competency Based Training and Assessment (CBTA). By 2022, SCS Training & Consultancy will be the first training provider in the Netherlands to be CBTA-accredited by IATA as a CBTA Provider. With us, meanwhile, you can take the full program of IATA CBTA courses.


For some of our courses (ADR, among others) you will take an exam at the CBR. We are registered trainers with the CBR and our lesson plans for ADR driver training have been approved by this body.


The Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) issues TAPA certificates for logistics security. A TAPA certificate shows your organization that you take every possible measure to secure your transports against theft. In order to provide training according to these TAPA requirements, we are a registered Security Service Provider of TAPA.

Knowledge partner government

Finally, our contacts with “The Hague” and “Brussels. How do all the regulations and government schemes “land” with business? Special Cargo College specialists regularly sit at the table of ministries or other governments, advising them on these matters. These organizations also sometimes attend our training sessions to see how we highlight laws and regulations. We also serve at Customs as an AEO(Authorized Economic Operator) advisor.

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