Do you work in Civil Aviation Security? You’ll do your training at Special Cargo, of course!

Ensuring aviation and air cargo safety is obviously crucial. That requires good security, by knowledgeable employees. The NCTV has developed certificates for the various security functions that exist at the airport. Special Cargo College trains employees for all those certifications. Explanation of laws and regulations and practical application go hand in hand.

All kinds of certificates

Clerks, controllers, security managers and supervisors: four different positions in aviation security that also require different certifications. But there is a further subdivision of functions. It depends on the things you come into contact with as an employee. Is that air cargo or is that airport supplies or flight supplies?

Increase awareness

The courses taught by Special Cargo College for all these positions are based on the regulations of the NCTV(National Coordinator for Terrorism and Security). In these trainings – all of which fall under the umbrella of Civil Aviation Security – the focus is on recognizing the hazards and risks, and increasing the awareness, safety consciousness and responsibility of employees in the organization.

The focus is on recognizing hazards and risks and raising awareness

Recognition by NCTV

Since the courses are based on statutory regulations issued by the NCTV, they are also required by law. The course content is in accordance with requirements from the EU. Certificates obtained for the courses are recognized by the NCTV and the Royal Military Police.

Division of functions

In 2022, the NCTV made several changes to the job classification of employees. In short, this means that the Air Cargo Officer certificate has been split into a version A and a version B. In addition, the certification for Security Advisor Air Cargo (BAL) has been replaced by that of supervisor and security manager.

Transition aid BAL or infographic

Needless to say, this also affected our training sessions. Therefore, it can be difficult for some companies to determine exactly where they are in the transition from BAL to the new functions. For those people, Special Cargo College has developed the BAL Transition Aid: you fill out a few questions and are immediately shown what training(s) you need. Would you rather see it for real? Then check out our infographic “Certification when transitioning from BAL to SMLV or SVLV.

Why Special Cargo?

Whatever course you take, training at Special Cargo College goes that extra mile. Our teachers and trainers all have their own expertise, from both theory and practice. Not for nothing do we get a wonderful review rating on Klantenvertellen. The lecturers will show you what the relevant laws and regulations mean for your work, how to apply them. And why. They do this in the form of a variety of games, assignments and cases. So nothing sitting back, but doing! Are you ready?

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