Become an ADR driver as well? Take the full training program at Special Cargo!

19 October, 2021
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Anyone who wants to transport dangerous goods by road within Europe as a driver must comply with ADR. You must also be ADR-trained for this. Special Cargo College offers a complete range of courses; from Awareness training for all involved to all ADR driver training and ADR Safety Advisor training. And as a participant, you will receive additional free modules to practice in advance of the exam.

Every five years

ADR drivers must renew their certificate every five years. Depending on the substances they transport, they obtain the most appropriate certificate. ADR driver training consists of four different modules: Basic, Tank, Class 7 and Class 1. If you transport dangerous goods without using an exemption, you must at least take the ADR-Basic module. The basic module lasts 2.5 days.

Explosives and radioactive materials

Drivers who drive tankers or tank containers must also take the ADR-Tank additional specialization module. And if you transport explosives or radioactive materials, you must take a specialization module for this as well. Every month there are several starting moments, at our training locations in Veenendaal and at Schiphol Airport.

Special Cargo’s ADR driver training allows you to earn Code 95 refresher training points.

Practically designed course

The lesson plans of our ADR driver courses are approved by the CBR. This guarantees that you will be well prepared for the exams you have to take at the CBR. The courses are hands-on: participants spend a lot of time working on their own and practicing the material discussed. You will be faced with decisions that you also have to make in everyday work. The alternation of theoretical instruction with a wide variety of assignments helps students process the material well and stay motivated.
The courses are designed to be practical: participants spend a lot of time working on their own and practicing the material taught

Free e-learnings and practice exams

For participants in our ADR driver training program, Special Cargo College provides an e-learning module free of charge. This preparatory e-learning allows you to practice recognizing hazard classes and hazard labels. In addition, e-learning is available for each module in which participants can practice specific topics and take unlimited practice exams. These approximate the CBR exams in format and level. This way you will appear well prepared for the exam!

Training Locations

ADR courses are conducted at two locations: in Veenendaal and at Schiphol Airport. Both locations have outdoor areas where fire and incident response is practiced.

Other ADR training courses

If you are not a driver, but you do deal with the road transport of dangerous goods, then of course you need to know about ADR. For example, are you involved in handling dangerous goods that need to be transported by road? Then do the online training course “Awareness of road transport of dangerous goods. And do you really want to know the ins and outs? Then become a Safety Advisor in five days!

Become a driver with SOOB subsidy?

Many well-trained employees are needed in the logistics sector in the coming years. That’s why SOOB – the industry’s education and development fund – promotes education and training. The fund provides grants through the SOOB Grant Point. Subsidies can also be applied for ADR driver training.

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