5 years of Special Cargo College!

22 June, 2023
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Today is a celebration on Koolhoven Avenue, one of Special Cargo College’s branches. It has been exactly 5 years since the first training at Special Cargo College, at this location at Schiphol Rijk. On Jan. 10, 2018, instructor Teun Graven conducted the first recurrent training course on Air Transport Dangerous Goods here. That should be celebrated!

Teun and back-office employee Kim indulge themselves: pastries celebrating Special Cargo College’s 5th anniversary. Special Cargo College has since grown to become the training provider for logistics Netherlands in the areas of dangerous goods, aviation safety and security. Classroom-based from one of our training locations, online or as a customized course at any location.

The beginning

Nanda van der Velden, office manager of the first hour, tells how it began, “I stood with my new laptop in a completely bare room. Only the training room was already in order. It was really camping out. And look how it is now!” Nanda points to the fully equipped training rooms with all kinds of training facilities and the modern lunch area with fresh fruit and sweet treats. Special Cargo College now trains more than 31,000 professionals on an annual basis. In addition to Koolhovenlaan, Special Cargo College also provides classroom training at locations in Spijkenisse, Veenendaal, Venlo, Den Helder and Eindhoven.

Course offerings

Special Cargo College offers training, (refresher) courses and education for anyone working with dangerous goods or in the aviation industry. That range of training is very broad. From Air Transport Hazardous Materials Awareness training to ADR/RID Safety Advisor training to security-related courses. Want to know what else we do?

Want to know more about Special Cargo College? Please contact us at 085 792 0585 or sales@specialcargo.nl.

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