Flexibilization of ADR certificate extension

22 June, 2023
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Normal procedure

The period of validity of the ADR certificate is 5 years. In the year before the expiration date, a renewal course can be taken and a renewal exam can be taken. When the ADR certificate is renewed, the new certificate is valid only from the expiration date of the then valid certificate.

Shortening the validity period

It is also possible to renew the ADR certificate earlier than 12 months before the expiration date. The advantage of this is that you can still count course hours within a 5-year period of continuing education, for example. In this case, the validity of the new certificate starts on the examination date and not on the expiration date of the still valid certificate. This therefore shortens the validity period of the still valid certificate.

Renewing a foreign ADR certificate in the Netherlands.

A foreign ADR certificate cannot be renewed by a Dutch ADR exam until the last year before the expiration date. A copy of the foreign certificate must be sent with the application for the examination. If the exam candidate is not a Dutch national then a copy of the identity document must also be sent along.

Expiration of an ADR certificate

After the expiration date, the certificate is expired. If the ADR certificate has expired, then an initial ADR course must be taken again and an initial exam passed.

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