The Environment Act and the PGS Directives: the sequel in 2023

18 January, 2023
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The long-awaited Environment Act threatens to be delayed yet again. This has implications for the various dangerous goods storage regulations, and thus for your business. What will happen in that area this year? A preview based on the current state of affairs.

According to the current official schedule, the Environment Act will come into force on July 1. But last December, the VNG (Association of Netherlands Municipalities) urged the government to postpone until Jan. 1, 2024. Special Cargo assumes the government will follow this urgent advice. This would give municipalities, as well as businesses, more time to prepare for this extensive new law. In the meantime, read our article on the Environment Act.

PGS 15

Two regulations associated with the Environment Act are PGS 15 (for storage of packaged dangerous goods) and PGS 37-2 (for storage of lithium batteries). The PGS 15 is already included as an interim version in the Environment Act, but logically it also does not yet have a legal status. Therefore, the penultimate version, from 2016, still applies. We are still waiting for the PGS 15 New Style.

New Style

The New Style Directive includes a risk approach with clear(er) scenarios, measures and goals. The PGS organization hopes to publish the draft version of this for public consultation in spring 2023, and the final version by the end of the year, it told us last year. However, in order to take effect, this version will first have to be incorporated into the Omgevingswet (in force). Can you still see the forest for the trees? In our 4-day training course, you will already learn the ins and outs. We can also take the storage of dangerous goods off your hands, in our warehouses at Schiphol Airport and in Europoort and IJmuiden.

PGS 37

Something similar applies to PGS 37-2, the guideline for the safe storage of lithium-ion batteries. In March 2022, the draft version of this was made public, to which interested parties could comment on its content. This has been done frequently. The final version – immediately New Style – is expected to be released later this year. However, the PGS 37-2 does not yet have legal status because it is not yet linked to the Environment Act. But note that there are opportunities to impose (parts of) the PGS 37-2 on companies as early as this year. For example, in the form of customization requirements from the competent authority, when submitting an activity notification.

Safety hazards of lithium batteries

Meanwhile, many companies are engaged in the storage of these batteries, and there are safety risks associated with them that must be managed. Want to store lithium batteries worry-free? Then take advantage of Special Cargo Services’ warehouses. In addition, we can already tell you what to expect with the new PGS 37-2. Our 3-day trainings are at Schiphol Airport (next starting January 30) and in Veenendaal (next starting February 13). In addition, download our free white paper.

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